Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gloaming: the book

Following on from my collaborative work with the artist Melaneia Warwick, I am so pleased and excited to announce that our book: 'Gloaming - drawings, paintings, poems' is now available to purchase from Blurb at:

This beautiful book includes all of Melaneia's artwork from her Gloaming series,the four poems that I created to accompany her paintings and a new poem of mine entitled 'Gloaming', which you can read below: 


in moonless cupboards
beneath a filament
of thin gold light
a curio
catches your eye.
Intrigue lifts it
like a soft skull
from the clutter
of dull green books.
In that instant
faulty clocks
chime the hour;
camphor balls
clatter to the floor
this junked
piece of lumber
gasps and melts
like warm rhetoric –
a new story
to be squeezed out
fat over lean
in swatches
of invented colour.