Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gloaming: the book

Following on from my collaborative work with the artist Melaneia Warwick, I am so pleased and excited to announce that our book: 'Gloaming - drawings, paintings, poems' is now available to purchase from Blurb at:

This beautiful book includes all of Melaneia's artwork from her Gloaming series,the four poems that I created to accompany her paintings and a new poem of mine entitled 'Gloaming', which you can read below: 


in moonless cupboards
beneath a filament
of thin gold light
a curio
catches your eye.
Intrigue lifts it
like a soft skull
from the clutter
of dull green books.
In that instant
faulty clocks
chime the hour;
camphor balls
clatter to the floor
this junked
piece of lumber
gasps and melts
like warm rhetoric –
a new story
to be squeezed out
fat over lean
in swatches
of invented colour.


  1. First, to compose a poem and title it "Gloaming" is intriguing in itself. Immediately, the reader, or this reader is expecting something to come out of the shadows, the twilight. And this is what you bring a curio, out of the "moonless cupboard" the mothballs..and the clock, albeit "faulty" striking the hour of your incipient invention, bringing the new, "fat" inventions of color, art, and words to be seen over and above the old, shadowy dead skull and "lean" colors. What an introduction to this book! Of course I now want to see the fat colors, the new plump words that you and your collaborator have created. And when I finally do acquire this book, sign it, please, Peter! Congrads! En fin!

  2. 'Rummaging'
    'in moonless cupboards' ~ in the dark
    'a curio'
    reveals itself and 'catches your eye.'
    from the clutter'
    In that instant'
    faulty clocks' beguin to
    'chime the hour' Bingo!!
    to mark the momment further 'camphor balls
    clatter to the floor'
    'this junked
    piece of lumber' – this ~
    'new story
    'to be squeezed out
    fat over lean'
    'of invented colour.' A great find and discovery ~
    Not one word is wasted here Pete ~ to convey through vehicle, imagery ..
    that Eureka moment ~
    Muse, Inspiration, trigger, the record of this process in action is wonderful ~ I followed and traced every step ~ Walking in your footsteps ~ It is a great moment when you find what you have been searching for and this is a great write Pete ~ This precursor to other wonderful finds within your collaboration with Melaneias artwork and Gloaming series ~ 'Gloaming' ~ sincere great wishes with this Pete ~ Lib

  3. Hi Jacquie ~ what can I say? Other than thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments. I am so pleased that you like the book & the poems, inspired of course by Melaneia's stunning artwork. If you do buy the book I will gladly sign it ~ providing you present yourself at my doorstep first :) Your move ;)

  4. Hi Lib ~ and thank you sincerely for such thoughtful and supportive comments. The collaboration with Melaneia has been an incredible experience and we are both so pleased with the book: a wonderful record of our journey together. So pleased you have connected up with our work and thanks again for your good wishes with the book.

  5. What a wonderful collage!! So live; it haunts my mind much after I have read it: Picturing.."Intrigue lifts it/like a soft skull/
    from the clutter/of dull green books."....and "camphor balls/clatter to the floor" plays with senses in a subtle way. No wonder it ends in..."a new story/to be squeezed out/fat over lean/in swatches/of invented colour." Picture complete!! Enjoyed this one thoroughly.

  6. Hi Jyotindra ~ thank you so much for your comments ~ really pleased you enjoyed 'Gloaming'.

  7. I am there. Just rummaging with you in the moonless cupboards....squeezing out a new story.....I am there.....

  8. Hi Catriona ~ I feel your presence in the moonless cupboards ~ thank you for such a lovely response.