Friday, 19 November 2010


Once upon a time in space I believed I knew the meaning of adoration. I would see a rising of early moon, dripping its waking glow into a gathering of stratus and a muted greening of fields, lit by the misted white light, a small cathedral of being for all the creatures living and dying in those moonwashed moments. Spellbound, I would cast my eyes heavenwards to catch the first star in a skyful of blue that deepened as the moon climbed higher, feeling fragments of moondust falling upon me as I saw. I would smile inside, lit by fires of wonder and drenched in miracles, gripped by a divine nightscape - an endless territory, bigger than all imaginings yet wrapped so roundly small inside my eye. And I would offer up my adoration to a godly force of no substance - a chimera that only sometimes hung around the perimeter fences of my soul, like a mythical woodland cat.

When you came unto me, I touched your body - but I did not consume you. One day, after many days of falling in love with you, I gazed deeply into your being and heard a melody that thrilled, like a small cascade of pure water that had fallen from a mountain … and the colours of your inscape suddenly burst into my body. It was then that I came to know the truth of adoration as you gave me the gift of your feminine light: a slow, difficult, painful rising full of flying colours and leafy spaces that tumbled into my arms. How could I not hover in the pulse of time after such a giving? How could I not bathe in the morning light of your love? You had overshadowed anything the heavens could ever muster. Eden, it dawned upon me, lay rich and golden within you.

Now, in these days of ours, feel my adoration for you. It is more-than: more than the liquid yellows and burnt streaks of orange that splash across eventide skies, more than the silver strikes of summer lightning that pierce the darkness and light up whole cities. It is the soft touch of your devotion stroking the everness of my love for you, wrapped in the gentle blessings of creation. It is a moment of still space that fills me with eternity. It is the truth of the beauty of you. And when I kneel at your open soul I do not take but, simply, give my whole self to you in loving reverence …

… and adore you. 

over the rainbow