Friday, 25 November 2011

Elegy (for Amanda)

Perhaps I saw you differently
softly scented
a thousand unborn stars
glimmering in parens
between each rhythmic hip-swing.

When the pale mists came
you rose like twisted willow
a sweet, difficult rising
arms outstretched
as far as being reaches.

Under autumn’s cold shadow
remnants of your breath
splashed against my cheek
like alluvion.
I could not let you go.

But where to keep you
among the soul’s clutter?
Here, in this waiting space
between open-beaked birds
and creases of heaven-red petals.


  1. Just beautiful, Peter. Gorgeous poem. Your words bring tears to my eyes xo

  2. Lovely from first word to particular, the last three lines.

  3. Whoever be Amanda...she is alive in your memory and still hungry for her in some way between openbeaked birds and love's heaven red petals. What a beauty this is...Peter...what a poignant memory ode to someone once admired, loved.

  4. When I die I'd be completely overwhelmed to be regarded with this love, esteem and friendship Peter. She were a lucky woman to have you and I'm sure by reading these words she will be immortalised and remembered fondly. Lovely tribute xx

  5. Sincere thanks to all of you for writing such lovely comments about 'Elegy'. Amanda was, indeed, a very special woman who will always have a place in my soul. ~*

  6. Certainly a special relationship to her. Your words are lovely and intense, reveal and veil.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments Martin ~*

  8. There's an ache underlying these words that is palpable. "a sweet, difficult rising..." seems especially painful, yet poignant.

    Beautifully written tribute.

  9. Hi KjM ~ thank you for your kind comments ~ you are absolutely right: 'painful, yet poignant' ~*

  10. thank you so much for sharing something and someone so very precious Pete ~ I read this a few times and felt the heaviness in my chest and eyes filled with tears at such a beautiful soul ~ hungry and pained for the loss of her ~ I felt her gentleness in your so expressive elegy ~ for Amanda x

  11. Thank you for those lovely words, Lib ~ so pleased you connected to my poem & to Amanda x

  12. Haunting imagery - rich like the soul who has passed

  13. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Marousia ~*

  14. Georgeous poem. I always find myself going back to read your work over and over. Every time I find something I missed before. Great stuff.

  15. Thanks ever so much Nick ~ your lovely comments are really appreciated.

  16. Peter,

    I remember now I was lost for words to comment when I first read this beautiful elegy. I am not much better placed now.

    To be able to fit such powerful emotion wrapped in so few words yet lacking nothing, it leaves me utterly affected.

    Thank you for sharing this again.

    Abi x