Saturday, 23 April 2011

White Tulips

This poem has been languishing on my 'poetry' page for some time ~ so, after amending it slightly, I thought I would give it another airing on my main blog page.

White Tulips

You always said he would be early -
kidded by a false spring that, one morning,
            broke inside you,
hormones melting in quick thaws
            of pulsed muscle.

During those seven moons you were touched
by so many luminaries, some shining all the way
            from Eden.
With waters spilling on every pain
you saw those stars sink
            inside the doctor's eyes.

After two days you hauled back your body
and shuffled down corridors,
            stepped out through those glass doors.
And the world was big with cars,
the weather gentle
            with feminine light.

'No more frosts now,' you said
as white tulips settled in their beds,
            eggshells cracked in sunlight.


  1. Thanks Louise for your lovely comment ...

  2. Beautiful how you capture the creation of a life, like a flower in spring, so sensitive to the environmental conditions, but its delicateness arising from its strength. And the sacrifice Mother Nature in all its forms makes. Beautiful poem, Peter. Q x

  3. I remember this one - so lovely to read it again :) You capture the sense of stepping out into the world with a new baby so well.

  4. Thanks Quirina ~ I really appreciate your lovely comments. I had wondered how to pitch that particular poem & the Tulips enabled me to make the connections with Mother Nature.

  5. Thanks Marousia ~ I remember you commenting the first time I posted this poem. Yes, there is such a stark contrast between the sterile environment of the hospital & the busy world outside. Inevitably, the first thing one sees when stepping out of the hospital is a huge car park filled with cars. Thank you so much for coming back a second time with your lovely comments.

  6. i love the colours in this - the shades and tones of white are perfect for the subject. Your words always insprire me and make images in my mind. Mel x

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Mel ~ so pleased you connected with my poem.